spa - supporting you, supporting people

spa, supporting people assistant, is software to help you, as a service provider, support and care for vulnerable people and report to local government, CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) and other funding bodies about the service you provide. It enables the providers of care and support services to record and report on essential information related to their customers reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively. It enables analysis, measurement and customising, supporting both accommodation-based and "floating" support services.

Using spa you can be confident and consistent in the information you hold about your customers, allowing you to concentrate on guiding them towards a better quality of life. It enables you to adapt to the changing requirements of service users, through staff being able to define questions in needs and risk assessments

Your use of spa will advance you towards services that are of a high quality, strategically planned, cost effective and complement existing care services.

By using spa to understand the customer's needs and profile, provision can be extended to, and refined for, a wider range of customers: gaps in provision can be identified by monitoring customer characteristics.

features of spa include

  • Case Management
  • Distance Travelled - Outcomes Star
  • Flexible configuration to each service
  • Needs Assessment
  • One-Page Profiles
  • Outcome Monitoring
  • Risk Assessment
  • Scheduling Contact
  • Support Planning

“spa is excellent. Most importantly, the developers are always receptive and responsive to ideas to ensure that it continues to be an excellent recording and management tool. The power of the information enables us to target our resources and to deliver a more efficient and effective service to our clients. We would not be without it.”

Dan Bristow

Service Manager SNAP Ipswich