spa - what it costs

Pricing for spa is calculated on a "per user" basis agreed upon with an organisation in advance, based on anticipated usage. The software comes in two flavours; for use over the internet, or to be installed on an organisation's own servers for use on an intranet. Prices are calculated as follows:

Internet version

- £278 per anum for the first 30 users.

- Reducing by 5% per 20 users thereafter.

- One-off setup charge of 20% of first year cost.

Example 55 user annual cost breakdown:

30 users @ £278.00 = £8340.00

20 users @ £264.10 = £5282.00

5 users @ £250.90 = £1254.50

Total = £14,876.50

Use of spa costs £278 per annum for the first 30 users dropping by 5% per 20 users thereafter. Entry level is for up to 20 users.

The annual fee covers licensing, hosting, upgrades and system maintenance including backups as well as reasonable levels of telephone and email support.

tmwk would be happy to provide an indicative price based on an organisation's anticipated use of spa. We would also be happy to migrate existing data on a consultancy basis.

Intranet version

Indicative prices for the intranet version, dependent on anticipated levels of use, can be provided on request.

"The staff love spa and we are almost a paperless office."

Babs Durowoju - Project Manager, Alone in London